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TEMTO Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced custom optics & optical instruments manufacturer. We are dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing high quality precision optical components, optical assembly and optical instrument. We are your strategic partner in optical line and we are serving a widely market. Our global market includes laser, electronics, telecommunication, thermal imaging, medical, institutional research and testing for industry, military and scientific research applications. 

TEMTO is your strategic partner for your technologies. We have full experience in optical design, coating design, prototyping and assembly capabilities. We are supplying all kinds of high precision optical components and instruments. They include all kinds of lens, window, mirror, filter, prism, assembly, opto-mechanism and instruments. The material we fabricate is from optical glass, IR & UV material, sapphire and crystal to plastic and metal. We are fully experienced at solving the tough & special programs for your technologies.


TEMTO will be pleased to cooperate with our customers and establish our strategic relationship further. Please keep in mind that TEMTO will be your best partner and supplier.

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